I had a funny realization just a moment ago…

In this country we are often encouraged by media and our culture to continue chasing what will always be out of reach. Once you finally achieve your goal, it takes mere days to become dissatisfied with it and allow your eyes to roam elsewhere.

“Can’t stop at just one…”

“Just do it!”

“Have it your way.”

“Do More.”

I know, I know… This is hardly a revelation. That being said – the degree to which this idea has completed saturated our culture is shocking! We derive our identities from our car, our house, our stuff… I sense a major backlash coming though. If you listen hard enough you will see the younger generation opting out. My stepdaughter has said she doesn’t really even want to drive. My little sister says the same thing. Driving used to be a right of passage but now it can be seen in some circles as extravagant, expensive or useless. Tiny houses have actually become a movement. People are working to reduce their debt and get back to their roots. Sure, there are still tons of people chasing “the dream” but there also are a growing number of people just opting out.

That begs a serious question. What is the result of always chasing tomorrow?

Anxiety, depression, hopelessness – to name a few.

Recently, I’ve had a life change. Some things moved slowly. Almost slowly enough that they just happened rather then being the result of a conscious change. Other things I had to fight for tooth and nail. The end result though is a life crafted intentionally. A life where I appreciate the things that feel really important to me. Like a husband who knows how to cheer me up on a day that I am under the weather. Or a friend who brings her kids by to play candy fairy to our kids and brings a birthday treat that she baked that day from a Facebook post I drooled over. Or kids who spent the whole day giving each other presents for no reason and wrapped them elaborately with toilet paper and duct tape. These changes are in no small part a result of intentionally giving up control of my life to God. Yup, I’m sure I just lost a bunch of people there but I have to tell you – I don’t really care. I’ve found my happy place and it’s resting in his peace.




About eternalphilomathy

Some people love me, and some not so much but I am authentic. I'm not writing this blog to make friends or entice followers but if you want to sit and stay a while - welcome to my world....
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